Good luck to this fantastic team!

In football, a new season represents a new ambition, new targets, new style, they don’t simply don new kits but the entirety of purpose is refreshed except for one thing…the philosophy. For Barcelona, their Philosophy is a symbol of pride. Lets see if it can lead us to the most corveted trophy in Catalunya right now (Champions League) again…


Work hard…Play hard!


For someone who might have seen me on this November 14th (2017) weekend, they might have thought we never get down to serious business. Yes this was a party! And according to the statement above, we were “playing hard” just moments before we got down to working hard! Exams were around the corner and my fellow class of 2018s, thought it doesn’t feel right to just drown into books all semester, so we organized an outdoor party at Kingfisher Resort in Harare. (One thing I love about marketers is how they are outgoing and yet remain very organized and intellect people. Its a usual cliche that intellect is associated with introvertive and spectacle wearing type of nerds but my class proves it otherwise! I will not forget this day.

One who would’ve seen us on the day would have thought we are all drunkards. We “partied” like there wont be a November 15th beyond that day😁. One thing I loath completely is beer though. I seriously believe one can be as happy as it can get without drinking even a single millilitre of alcohol. So please DO NOT MISTAKE MY CUP IN THAT PIC FOR A GLASS OF THE WISE LIQUID (as they call it)😂. It was just some ordinary Mazoe I was drinking. I’ve had lots of questions from curious friends and family asking when did I start drinking.

Thank you for your time, my WiFi bundles are almost out.

So till next time, take care!

Childhood Dream achieved… More to come!


It has always been my dream that one day I wear that cap of knowledge, Im sure the smile can tell that.

October the 10th (2018) was an amazing day for me despite all the blazing heat from the sun that scotched us for nearly 5 hours. Its been the day I have finally managed to clasp, with a happy soul, what I’ve always yearned for. All those years spent in school, drowning in books and the subsequent migraines, eventually paid off. I can safely say I’ve done dad and mom very proud. This is just the beginning, watch out more is yet to come!

I still can’t believe I got my Business Studies degree – Marketing. I am now a qualified professional raring to begin what I foresee as a successful career. Commerce has always been my passion. Since my Olevel days, I have desired to become an economist, but lack of proper career guidance eventually led me to choosing the wrong combination at advanced level and subsequently failed to get the program at university, but however I then got my next best alternative, BS! Halfway though the program, I realized that Business Studies is actually one great (all encompassing) field in the commerce realm. Unlike economics, accountancy etc, It does not get you too specialized on one aspect of the corporate world, but lets you get a feel of every element in the value chain. I know you wonder why a Masters in Business Admin is usually taught and tutored by BS lecturers. I am proud to be an all rounder and looking forward to doing my MBA to further cement that status.

Anyway I gotta pen off now

Bonne Journée

Dum Vivet to myself!

Family – where life begins and love never ends!

IMG_20180704_104104Family is what matters the most. “It’s so good to be home, where I know that I belong, inside this house of love, with a family so strong.” This has to be my favorite line from Coco Jones song– Good to be home. Even though she actually referred to the church, I’ll always take it to be the literal home.

Some refer to it as pazayan, some padawo and even more hilariously pa den (as if tiri shumba) but for me Home is a place with so much comfort that it makes you forget your troubles for a moment. Being in company of your closest people_family is one of the most wonderful things. For the time I was here, I actually didn’t think about the fact that Im unemployed anymore. So this moment I just want to thank God for this family!

All that glitters is not gold…(or is it??)

I’ve always liked to hear one of my favorite artistes, Delta Goodrem screaming on top of her voice, ‘Dear life am I doing this right?’… but never really got to understand the deeper meaning of the phrase. I only came to understand it well after I nearly got duped by some cyber-criminals pretending to be Holy church sisters…